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Aconite / AconitineAconitum
African hemp 
Agave atrovirensAgave atrovirens
Agave noli-tangereAgave noli-tangere
Agave pictaAgave picta
Agave viviparaAgave vivipara
Alangium lamarckii ThwaitesAlangium lamarckii Thwaites
Allium chinenseAllium chinense
Angel trumpetsBrugmansia insignis
Annual meadow grassPoa annua
Annual Mercury / Annual Dog's MercuryMercurialis annua
ArgutaAmphicome arguta
Arnica / Mountain TobaccoArnica montana
Astragalus mongholicusAstragalus mongholicus
Athrosolen polycephalusAthrosolen polycephalus